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EasyShed Picture Box
When it comes to home and garden storage, you don�t just want your garden variety shed. You want a high-performance unit that is built tough to last. And a good-looking finish never goes astray, either.

Whether you�re in the Outback or just out back, rest assured there�s an EasyShed that is perfect for your local weather conditions, storage needs and style requirements.
Australian owned and committed to local production, EasyShed has been a leading designer and manufacturer of DIY assembly storage sheds in Australia for more than 30 years.
We have combined popular garden shed design with style, durability and function and, with our innovative 5 Step Assembly:registered: process, you can enjoy all the benefits of a superior quality product without wearing any installation costs.

Our sheds are peerless in their durability and versatility of application, having been developed in response to strong customer demand and after extensive research of our products� performance in the harsh extremes of our Australian climate.

Best of all, EasyShed is about choice. With four standard styles, 25 mix-and-match colours, a series of wall height and size options, and with many optional extras, your personalised EasyShed is sure to be as unique as you are.


929 Metry Street, PO Box 7040, ALBURY, NSW 2640

1300 739 097


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